About Us

Hey, welcome to TheIllustratorTutorials.com — a resource hub all about helping you learn how to use Adobe Illustrator.

Who Are We?

We are creative professionals with years of graphic design experience working with clients. We use Adobe Illustrator on a daily basis.

April Ahlders

April is a graphic designer specializing in logo, layout, graphic design, and illustration. She has a Bachelor of Science in Technology for Graphic Design and a Bachelor of Fine Art for Illustration from Pittsburg State University. Having experience working in different industries for over 13 years, she can easily use Adobe Illustrator to transform ideas into visuals and solve problems with visual communication.

Twitter / X | LinkedIn | Instagram | Website | Email: april@theillustratortutorials.com

Rita Adegoke

I am a creative enthusiast with five years of graphic design experience working with several international teams from the UK, USA, and China. Adobe Illustrator is my go-to program for almost all my work and I use it on a daily basis. Even though I’ve used Ai for quite some time, I wouldn’t call myself an expert because there are so many new things to learn and I’m always making progress.

Email: rita@theillustratortutorials.com

Why We Created This Tutorial Website

Adobe products are widely viewed as the industry standards, but they also usually come with a deep learning curve – Adobe Illustrator included.

In the past several years, there were several times that we found ourselves stuck in using a specific tool within the software. But after searching the Internet for answers, we couldn’t find what we wanted. Many of the tutorials online were either outdated or didn’t provide many details (so it’s hard for beginners to follow).

That’s why we came up with the idea to write this blog – incorporating our knowledge and experience using Adobe Illustrator into our writing and making complex problems simple and easy to follow.

What You Can Learn Here

Self-learning is the go-to method for acquiring new skills. Knowing what works and doesn’t will determine how far you will progress.

That is what we will help you achieve. We create in-depth Adobe Illustrator guides to help you navigate the software as a new user. You’ll feel like an instructor is sitting right by you (which we really hoped that we had when we were learning this program).

You don’t have to spend hours troubleshooting errors. Because our articles will (hopefully) help you with all the tips you need to learn Adobe Illustrator, shortcuts, design hacks, etc.

How We Create The Content

Our content creation process is simple. The topics we cover on this site are either from our own experience or well-researched based on the questions or challenges new Illustrator users probably face during the learning process.

  • First of all, we start designing before documenting the process in our writing. We go through the same design processes that users find challenging.
  • Then we take note of helpful tips, hacks, and shortcuts that we discovered along the way.
  • After that, we start writing the step-by-step guide, as well as taking screenshots and making annotations (for some images).

Our goal is simple – passing helpful information quickly without wasting your time and making it simple enough for you to follow and understand. That way, we can relate on the same level.

How You Can Help

Learning Adobe Illustrator all by yourself can be challenging because you’ll discover many ways to do the same things. You also want to use the methods that give you the best results as quickly as possible.

While we share the tips, methods, and hacks we know, we are also learning from you. You help all of us by sharing your information, asking questions we may have omitted, or just contributing.

Your contributions will help provide a better and more comprehensive resource that will benefit everyone who is on the way to becoming a master of Adobe Illustrator. 

You can contact us here.